Welcome to LGPI 2.0

Welcome to the Local Government Performance Index 2.0.  In a sense, 2.0 should really be 3.0.  The original LGPI was in paper format, but went to the web in 2010.  

This site is the second iteration of that 2010 effort, with the site having been reformed to reflect feedback from the media, public, and local government practitioners.  

In particular:

  • The site now has a feature to account for contributions residents pay to second tier local governments
  • The site has a dramatically streamlined set of line items, making the data easier to understand
  • The look and feel has been simplified for faster viewing.

The goal of the local government index is to make the performance of local government as transparent and comparable as any other good or service that residents conusme.  While residents cannot simply move city as easily as they can change who provides them with other services, the LGPI hopes to ensure that they can at least understand how the values and performance of their local government services compare to what's possible in other municipalities, and make more informed political choices.

We hope you find this Frontier Centre initiative useful and we welcome your feedback.