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Where mayors and councilors have taken it upon themselves to improve citizens' access to timely, reliable budget information, improvements in local-government services has followed. Fortunately, the Frontier Centre has decided to help kick-start the accountability process. At its local performance index website - www.lgpi.ca - the Centre lays out budget and efficiency indicators for scores of Canadian cities and lets voters compare their municipalities with others across the country, as well as against local averages for their province.

National Post, September 14, 2010

Last year, when students working for Newspaper Canada filed access to information requests to 39 municipalities, these New Brunswick cities met the requests promptly and in sufficient detail. Saint John did not. Moreover, the Port City has placed last in the Frontier Centre for Public Policy's survey of transparency in 133 municipalities, nationwide.

New Brunswick Telegraph-Journal November 22, 2011

Measuring 35807 data points across 99 Canadian cities.